HE Detergent - Kevin Williams- He Ain't Heavy Housing LLC

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I found this company in a real estate magazine there ad said they would get you a house even if you had bad credit, so I contacted them and spoke with a Mr.Kevin Williams he explained how it work and set up an appointment, we met a few day later at a Panera Bread location on Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee, FL.

He explained that I would pay a processing fee of $30.00 per person (x2) later we would pay $300.00 per person (x2) to help us fix our credit and finally once we have chosen a home from a long list of home we would deposit $1000.00, so we said o.k. And started depositing the amount he required, we choose a home (actually 3 different homes, because he would always say someone else bought it first) when 5 months past and I did not have any news I called him and told him I needed to move out of my current rental and that I needed my money back, he disappeared and never answered any of my calls or emails. I have done some research on Mr. Kevin Williams and his partner (wife) Mrs.

Evelyn Titarado and found out that in September 2012 a news station in Orlando, FL did an investigation on his business apparently on request from other people who had my same situation (sad I did not see it sooner). I also contacted a company called "Tradewind Housing" because Mr. Kevin Williams sent me a copy of my paper work for the new home and this was the company letter head, and apparently they know nothing about this company or person and said they would investigate. I have numerous calls and e-mails from Mr.

Kevin Williams ans Mrs. Evelyn Tirado stating he will return my money or that he is already depositing my money but so far nothing has been refunded. Mr. kevin Williams and Mrs.

Evelyn Tirado are scam artist.

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HE Detergent - HE laundry products sickening

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Was exposed to this type of laundry detergent, and experienced dizziness, loss of concentration, and sore throat.Did not even buy it.

Also noticed that there was a terrible smell on my hands that was not removed after washing my hands at least 3 times. This stuff is toxic, and the company will not provide safety data. Also, they will not tell me exactly what chemicals are in the product. They say that they are "proprietary."

Reported to the P&G company, and to the U.S.

Consumer Product Safety commission.

If you experience any problems with new toxic laundry products, please contact the company, complete their medical complaint form if that is applicable in your case, and also make a complaint to the U.S.consumer Product Safety commission.

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